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The Rotary Club of Cowra and the Cowra Business Chamber love to reward people who do more for their customers!


We have created an award for those who go the extra mile, they not only meet their client's expectations, they exceed them, and continue to exceed in every instance. These people are the peak of what customers expect. Nominations for this award will be accepted from all occupations, vocations and professions, all ages and gender, both employees and self-employed.


If you know of someone who possesses these traits and skills, nominate them. There will be 6 presentations of finalists each year, and a yearly winner announced each June. Cowra Business Chamber, the Rotary Club of Cowra and many local businesses have put forward some incredible prizes for these lucky winners.

Cowra Business Chamber has teamed up with the Rotary Club of Cowra to promote this special award and hopes that its members wholeheartedly get behind this incredible initiative for its employees.